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With donations of around 2,500 euros, the rent for the school building was paid for a complete year. We were able to supply the school with important teaching material.

In addition, we have purchased 50 chairs on which every student can find space.

At our charity concert we found more donors and godparents.

Thanks to donations amounting to 3,200 Euros, Yogi is currently studying Tourism Business Management.

We take over the semester fee for him and pay a monthly fee for accommodation, transport to the university and meals.
He wants to become a hotel manager one day.

Standard period of study: 8 semesters

Beginning of studies: 01.09.2019

Thanks to donations amounting to 810 Euros, Ni Kadek is currently studying Food and Beverage Service.

We cover the semester fee for her and pay a monthly fee for accommodation, transport to the university and meals.
She wants to work on a cruise ship after her studies.


Standard period of study: 2 semesters
Beginning of studies: 01.07.2019

We were able to renovate the SD 3 Sepang with a total of 2,600 Euros.

All toilets were completely rebuilt and hygienic.

In addition, new doors could be used in the school building and new school benches and tables provided. The SDN 3 Sepang is like the SDN 5 Sepang in the middle of the jungle and there is no other school in the vicinity.

We thank all donors for the comprehensive help!

Our first scholarship holder: Nengah.

Thanks to donations amounting to 3,200 Euros, Nengah is currently studying Tourism Business Management. We take over the semester fee for him and pay a monthly fee for accommodation, transport to the university and meals. Currently Nengah lives with his sister in Denpasar.

Standard period of study: 8 semesters

Beginning of studies: 10.09.2018

We were able to renovate the SDN 5 Sepang with a total of  4,600 Euros.

The entire schoolyard and the way to the school are safe now. New benches and tables were purchased.

We also provided school supplies for all students. The SDN 5 Sepang is in the middle of the jungle and there is no other school in the area.

We thank all donors for the comprehensive help!

We were able to help the SDN 4 Antiga with 2,000 Euros to buy new bags, workbooks, pens and other school supplies for all students.

In addition, 30 school desks were purchased to provide enough space for students to study in all the facilities.

The local press has become attentive to Balipockets through the SDN 4 Antiga and has extensively reported about us.

We thank the SDN 4 Antiga for the sustainable cooperation!

With donations of around 3,500 euros, a new computer room was equipped at the school. On ten new computer sets, students learn how to use computers and the Internet.

We are particularly pleased that the computers are benefiting many more students than visiting the school.

As the new computers are used for electronic final exams, many schools in the area are also using the new computer room.

In the fall of 2017, the island's largest volcano, Gunung Agung, threatened to erupt. Tens of thousands of islanders had to be evacuated from the volcano's perimeter and spent weeks in shelters. In cooperation with the BCC (Bali Caring Community), we set off to help.

With 1,240 euros, we equipped various shelters with coffee, sugar, vegetables, water, herbs, eggs, gas, cookware and rice.

Together with ten helpers and several trucks, we distributed the goods. If the volcano erupts, we have more resources available to help directly.

Our biggest project so far: The renovation of SDN Nurul Ikhlas. The elementary school on the west coast of the Isle of Gods resembled an emergency shelter when we received the call for help from a student. In the summer of 2017, we collected donations for the rehabilitation of the school at a benefit concert and put the planned projects into action in the fall.

With 4,500 euros, we were able to create a new building - that in the future will be the library and also an extra toilet for the kids. In addition, we were able to fasten and pave 100m² in front of the school. Tables and chairs for students and teachers were purchased and bookcases and cabinets built.

The school is now safe for all students - the toilets are working and every student can find space on his own school bench. Perfect! Thanks to all donors!

Since 2015, the dilapidated staff room building of the SDN 3 Pejeng Kangin was no longer used - for safety reasons. In the meantime, the teachers moved to a former classroom. Students could not use their classroom anylonger and that caused canceled classes.

With 1.593 Euro we were able to renovate the dilapidated building. The teachers are now moving back into the building and the students have their old classroom again.

The SDN 1 Pejeng Kangin is located near the tourist hotspot Ubud. Nevertheless, seldom do helpful "foreigners" get lost in the small village of Pejeng. In 2016, we visited the school and worked out a list of needs together with the school management. Thanks to our donors, we were able to become active in 2017!

With 2,854 euros, the complete construction of a sanitary room was financed. Furthermore, a storage room for discarded or currently unneeded furniture and teaching utilities was built.

From now on, the students can be cared for locally. In Bali, it is common and due to the hygienic and structural circumstances urgently required that children and teachers can be taken care of locally.

With 350 Euros we supported the family of Bapak Wayan, Ibu Ketut, Komang and Kadek. Father Wayan lacked the money to rehabilitate the rundown house in his home region of Karangasem. The renovation is now almost complete.

250 euros went into the short-term support of two families in the region around Klungkung. We were able to provide basic food, cookware and other urgently needed items to families.

One of our main goals is the financing of school fees. We help children who can not be helped by their families to go to school and pay fees.

In 2016 we were able to help two children with a total of 500 euros. We paid for school uniforms, school lunches, pens, notebooks and all other school fees. Next year we will continue to the next school form for the two.

Also in 2017 we were able to send more children to school. The families were and still are infinitely grateful for this. 418 euros have ensured that four more children can attend school.

With 1,400 euros in donations, we were able to refurbish all the school toilets and create a hygienic learning environment for the students of the SD N 1 Peliatan in Ubud. Nearly 200 euros also flowed into the new floor of the adjacent kitchen. The children and teachers thank all donors and members in Balipockets e.V.!

With a total of 1,850 euros, we were able to equip the library with six new cabinets and rugs.

In addition, we bought new material for the lessons. Including mathematics and science kits, globes and star system models.

To this day, we regularly receive pictures of satisfied students who just enjoy learning. Again, thanks to all donations and supporters!