Current Projects

The SD 4 Antiga teaches about 100 children in grades 1-6. The school has often applied to the government for financial resources for repair - unfortunately without success. Many tables, chairs, boards and cabinets are broken or in very poor condition. Books are needed in the library so children can read during the break. The renovation of the toilets is urgently needed, as well as a paving of the outdoor area in certain places. If the school continues to expire, it will eventually be impossible to teach any more.

In the picture you can see the foundation of an old school building. Due to the recent earthquakes, this building has collapsed and no lessons can be taken. In October 2018, we will be there to help the school. At our charity concert, we were able to collect 2,000 €.

The SD Negeri 5 Sepang is located in the north of the island, far away from major cities. The way to school is difficult. Nevertheless, the children like to come to school every day. All in all, only 48 children currently attend SD Negeri 5 Sepang (grades 1 - 6).

Our main goal is to keep this school up and running. For this, three classrooms as well as all toilets have to be renovated.

The Konrad-Hentrich elementary school in Leinefelde supports us and runs a charity run, the proceeds of which can be used to 50% in the renovation of the SD Negeri 5 Sepang.

We need more supporters to realize this project. Are you in?

Tens of thousands of children in Bali need support because their parents do not have enough money to send them to school.

In cooperation with the Bali Caring Community, we want to enable as many children as possible to attend a school.

Primary schools are free of charge. Nevertheless, school clothes, food, books, pencils and much more have to be paid for.

You can help here: I want to help!

One of our main goals is the rehabilitation of educational institutions. The focus is on creating a secure learning environment.

The focus is on the renovation of toilets, the creation of classrooms and the attachment of the school building including roof.

From elementary school to senior high school, we help where it's most needed. Are you in?

We award scholarships to young people in Bali who could not afford to study on their own.

Currently our pilot project is running. In the picture you can see Nengah, our first scholarship holder. In our blog post, project manager Antonia explains the background of this project.

In the coming years, we would like to enable other young people to attend the university. For this we need donations and helpers.
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