Current Projects

The SMA 2 Semarapura is Bali's leading senior high school. Here, the students are best prepared for the university or the subsequent professional life.

In many disciplines, this educational institution is a showpiece. That's why we want to support the school in a pilot project to provide the best possible education for as many students as possible.

By February 2018, we want to equip the school with other computers and purchase garbage recycling machines.

As one of the few schools in Bali, digital exams are written in the SMA 2 Semarapura. Even from other schools, students come to SMA 2 for taking their exams.

Also, their recycling plans for organic and inorganic waste are an absolute novelty for Bali in general. Usually, all garbage is simply burned behind the school.

All the more we want to support this great project and are dependent on your help!

Tens of thousands of children in Bali need support because their parents do not have enough money to send them to school.

In cooperation with the Bali Caring Community, we want to enable as many children as possible to attend a school.

Primary schools are free of charge. Nevertheless, school clothes, food, books, pencils and much more have to be paid for.

You can help here: I want to help!

One of our main goals is the rehabilitation of educational institutions. The focus is on creating a secure learning environment.

The focus is on the renovation of toilets, the creation of classrooms and the attachment of the school building including roof.

From elementary school to senior high school, we help where it's most needed. Are you in?