Balipockets is a non-profit-organisation dedicated to providing education to all children and young people on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Through donations and the membership fees of the long-term supporters of Balipockets e.V., various projects can be accomplished. We focus on:

  • Covering of school fees
  • Reconstruction of educational institutions
  • Providing schools with teaching materials
  • Career advice and further education
  • Awarding scholarships for the universities „Udayana“ and „Ganesha“

Since January 2016, our team is working hard on increasing the quality standard of the projects we want to realise in Bali. We want to ensure that every penny is spent how it is supposed to be spent. A team member from Balipockets e.V. visits the Isle of Gods at least once a year to get in touch with educational institutions and to have an eye on all of our ongoing projects.

In cooperation with the biggest german donation platform,, we are able to show you exactly what we want to do in Bali and how you can help us to realise our plans. Furthermore, you can see what we did with the donations in the past, ask questions and give us feedback on how we are performing.

Day-to-day, we dedicate time from ourselves to push the project further and think of new ways to improve the learning opportunities in Bali. Do you want to support us?

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Covering of school fees:

Primary school (SD) and middle school (SMP) can be visited free of charge in Indonesia. All secondary schools (SMA, technical schools, vocational schools, universities) charge fees. We supported families who can not afford these fees on their own. Unfortunately, some children are also denied access to the elementary school and middle school. The reason: school books, uniforms and trips must be paid by the parents. In impoverished regions, therefore, families are often not able to allow their children to go to primary and secondary school. We also cover the cost of textbooks, uniforms and all other requirements.

Embezzlement of donations is a big issue in Indonesia. How is it ensured that the money really benefits the children?

In advance: a 100% chance that the money will only be used for the intended goals can and will never be. We conclude contracts with the families to secure us in case of embezzlement. If the money is not used as intended by the family, the full amount must be repaid to us. Of course, we also monitor compliance with the guidelines during the entire period of a financed school visit. So far we have not had any bad experiences.

Reconstruction of educational institutions:

Structural measures can not be afforded by state schools on their own. We ensure that all children have access to clean toilets and water. In addition, we use our means to repair storm damage and damage caused by weather influences. Advanced measures, such as the provision of state-of-the-art, technical and not essential elements, are not part of our portfolio.

In addition to the educational facilities we are able to contact locally through scouting. Schools will be able to apply online in the near future and ask for help. We are currently working intensively on the application process.

Providing schools with teaching materials:

School benches, seating, books, workbooks, pens, table tools, globes, science kits, and, and, and. We provide the necessary educational facilities with as much material as possible, which offers equal opportunities for all pupils and, for example, a set consisting of pen and booklet per student is available. Even with small donations you can help in this sector.

Career advice and further education:

Bali lives by the tourism industry. Many young people want to work in hotels or restaurants later. Some children told us that they would even like to be self-employed. We would like to make this dream come true for as many students as possible. In the future, balipockets will act as an intermediary between volunteers and agencies, which can make career counseling and further education courses possible in schools. Basic knowledge in the areas of English, business English, communication coaching, business administration and law should be taught by competent, competent volunteers. We are currently building up the logistics for this voluntary service.

Awarding scholarships for the universities „Udayana“ and „Ganesha“:

Studying - the dream of many ambitious students. In Bali, however, a luxury unlike. The fees for studying at one of the two universities on the island of the gods are relatively high. It is also not possible for some of the best students to pursue an academic career. By means of a comprehensive application process and subsequent regular reporting (feedback after each semester including the transfer of grades), we want to make sure that our payments are used exclusively for the intended purpose. We are currently working on the logistics for the application process and monitoring.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I apply for support?

We are currently working on the application process for families, schools and volunteers. The award procedure for scholarships will take some time. Be patient and check back every now and then.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are currently in one of the most labor intensive phases so far. The logistics for the new project objectives must be established. The quality of the measures is always the top priority. We are currently working on the realization of various quality assurance processes for the granting of scholarships and the application logic of the schools for development aid. There are many guidelines to keep in mind and invest hundreds of hours of work until everything works as we imagine. You like our work? Then support us with a monthly contribution of a few euros and become part of the Balipockets family.

How can I support the project?

You can find an answer to this question here: Help.

Which payment methods are available?

You can make donations via bank transfer, bank account, PayPal, paydirect and credit card. We use current encryption technologies to secure all transactions. Look for the green lock in front of your browser's address line to make sure you are on our official site before you donate.

Is my donation tax deductible?

We are recognized as NPO by the German tax office. This means that all donations from German nationals are tax-deductible. Depending on which country you come from, it may be that you can still make the donation tax deductible. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

How do I become a member of Balipockets e.V.?

Unfortunately only German citizens can currently become members of the Balipockets e.V.

How can I track what happens with my donation?

You can find an overview of all current requirements here. If you are not specific for a single requirement, your donation is automatically assigned to a requirement. You will find news on the implementation of the project measures on all our channels. For further questions we are just a click away.