Covering of school fees
  Reconstruction of educational institutions
  Providing schools with teaching materials
  Career advice and further education

What we've achieved together

Together with all volunteers, donors, club members and the Betterplace team, we were able to lay the foundation for better education in Bali within a very short time!

Since 30.01.2016 we have renovated schools, paid school fees, supported families and given new hope to dozens of children!

A school visit in Germany is self-evident, in Bali every family has to fight that the children are allowed to attend school.

We are committed to education - are you in?

What we are working on

New projects are in the starting blocks and we have been working on their implementation for some time.


  • Career advice and training
  • Awarding scholarships for the universities „Udayana“ and „Ganesha“

Letting volunteers teach directly in Bali at local schools is a big topic for us. There is a shortage of teachers at many schools and subjects such as English and Business Administration are sometimes not even taught. Volunteer German helpers can jump into the breach and convey their knowledge to schools in a defined period of time. Either in regular school hours or in extra lessons in the afternoon. We are currently working on the implementation of this project.

In addition, we would like to help and finance students who would like to study but can not raise the funds. The plans for this project are underway.